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Some of us are naturally responsible. For the rest of us plebs there's Motley Fool, a financial services group that specializes in investment education. The goal of our campaign is to encourage the "kids" to start financially investing in their basics needs and wildest dreams - and no, keeping a running tab at the local dive bar doesn't count. Sorry.

Tagline: Invest in happy endings.


Digital/ Social

Wishing Well

We created a mobile app that helps people practice investing on the daily. 

It's your virtual piggy bank with three simple steps. 

1) Connect with your bank account.

2) Set a goal

3) Deposit Daily

Tapping the coin deposits real money into your account, causing the wishing well to "level up". 

As time progresses, and your account starts to grow, that little wishing well becomes so much more. The visuals become more splendid and fun, encouraging the user to continue depositing until the goal has been reached.


We developed a stock simulation game to get young people excited, and more comfortable, with investing in the stock market. The game would live on Motley Fool's website and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and the web. 

The world is your psychedelic oyster! Players are given a set amount of money at the beginning of the game, which they can then use to build their fantasy "home base". 

Relish in your victories! By buying and selling stock, players earn cash, which they can use to re-invest or purchase upgrades for their home base. More money unlocks more features, so investments become more complicated and intriguing as the player advances. 

Invest your moneyz! They accomplish this by investing in companies using virtual currency. Although the money is fake, investments are impacted by real-life changes in the stock market, so players can experience what it might feel like to invest in the current economy.

We're all friends here. By connecting with their social network, players can share and brag, humbly of course, about their successful investments. Players can also pay house calls to each other's bases to see who's been investing wisely. 


Download the lyrics here. Because you know you want to sing along. 

Produced & Performed: Christopher Glomp

Art Director: Chris Warner