Sure, sexy brands have a certain je ne sais quoi, but if you ask me, there was something creatively invigorating about creating social content for a healthcare brand. Targeting baby boomers, we served up a variety of content made with one goal in mind: to inspire our audience to take microactions that would positively impact their health. We partnered with the National Park Service, hosted a Facebook Live series, and made a bunch of quote posts that were a real HIT with the 50+ set. At the end of the day, it's fun to have fun, and that's what this work was all about.  



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Start With Healthy Social Campaign

What happens when you convince baby boomers and seniors to practice micro-actions for better health? Big results. We believed that a healthier life started with small, accessible actions that people could try anywhere and at anytime. From Facebook Live cooking classes to a National Park Service partnership, we proved to our audience that it's never too late to start living a holistically healthy life. 

Humana at the National Senior Games

Forget the Olympics. In our world, it's all about the National Senior Games. From sixty-year old swimmers to centenarian track champions, the talent that descended upon Birmingham was undeniable and impressive. We created a social video series that showcased some of our favorite moments at the Senior Games. The overall message of our series and the National Senior Games? You're never too old to start. 

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Humana Health Tests

We were tasked with the challenge of empowering our audience to examine their personal health- without scaring them or replacing their doctors. We created a series of playful social health tests that sparked a social conversation about the importance of regular doctor appointments.  

Sound: Play the video to discover the highest pitch you can hear. 

Sight: Test your vision by spotting the unique hexagon in the pattern. 

Balance: Hold your phone face up in your palm. Stand on one leg while keeping the image centered on your screen. 


Art Director: Chris Warner