Gus Soda



Gus Soda is a beverage for the beautiful people. It's 100% natural, making it a solid solution for your natural sugar cravings. The sweet, but not too sweet flavor makes it the perfect choice for those long working lunches, Sober Januarys, and post-yoga brunch. 

Tagline: For natural cravings. 



Craving Tree

Follow your natural instincts. Pick a bottle of GUS from our tree and get more than a soda. We snap a pic of you reaching for your favorite flavor so that awesome moment when you satisfied your craving will never be forgotten! Each bottle has a leaf with a password that leads you to your craving community where you can access your picture, along with other perks. 


Craving Community

The leaf attached to your bottle of Gus leads you here.  



The Craving Community offers like-minded people a chance to connect and share ideas. 

Art Director: Maricarmen Mercado Aldaraca